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Why a Custom Bag Fundraiser?

One of the very easiest ways to reduce your impact on the environment is to break your addiction to the disposable plastic shopping bags that are so prevalent in our society. Hundreds of millions of plastic bags are thrown away every year and since they each take thousands of years to biodegrade you can see what a problem their continued use will become. Besides the obvious toll on the planet from the garbage build up, more than 50 million barrels of oil are needed just to produce these bags with untold more gallons being used to transport them to various stores.

As gloomy as that is, we at Go Green Fundraising are very excited to be able to offer your group a fun solution – our Custom Grocery Bags Fundraiser.

How Does a Bag Fundraiser Work?

Doing custom bag fundraisers is very easy. To begin, determine how many bags you think you can sell. You will also want to pick a color and get a digital version of your group name or logo. Once you have all of that, call one of our Earth friendly fundraising consultants to place your order. Your bags will be printed and typically arrive within 4 weeks of placement of your order.

Once you have your fundraising bags, go out and sell them. Some creative ways we have seen groups sell their bags is to put them in a concessions stand at sporting events, use them as part of a school supplies sale, and getting a local grocery store to let you sell them at the store. You sell the bags for $6 each making them a great value.

How Much Profit Will I Make From My Reusable Bags Fundraiser?

Our custom shopping bag fundraiser offers terrific profit margins. You sell each bag for just $6.00.  Your profit is determined by the number of bags you buy as shown in this chart:

100-199 bags – Cost per bag is $4.00 – Profit is 33%
200-599 bags – Cost per bag is $3.50 – Profit is 42%
600-2499 bags – Cost per bag is $3.00 – Profit is 50%
2500+ bags – Cost per bag is $2.50– Profit is 58%

What Colors Are Available?

*Note* Because computer monitors can display slightly different variations of the same color these are examples only and the actual bags may not be the exact same shade.

We currently offer bags in the following colors:

Your ink color options are:

How Do I Order My Fundraiser Bags?

Ordering your bags is as easy as 1 – 2- 3. One – call one of our earth friendly fundraising consultants and tell them how many bags you want, what colors you want, and send in a copy of your logo or group name. Two – We will send you back a proof of your bags and an invoice. Three – you approve the proof and pay for your order. That’s all there is to it.

When Will I Receive My Custom Bags Fundraiser Inventory?

Because we are custom printing your bags it takes around 4 weeks to receive your order. Orders of 2,500 bags or more require 1 additional week to process.

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