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Why do the City Savings Card Fundraiser?

The City Savings Card fundraiser is a terrific program! It offers high profits and a functionality that can’t be found on any other discount card fundraisers anywhere.

Unlike other discount card fundraisers where you are required to sign up merchants, the City Savings Card allows you to select a custom list of merchants that we already have agreements with. This saves you a lot of time and because of our standing in the fundraising industry, grants you access to some pretty high quality merchants.

How Does the City Savings Card Fundraiser Work?

We have partnered with all kinds of businesses all over the country. From bowling alleys to dry cleaners to theme parks, we have the widest range of offers available on any discount card program.

Let us know that you are ready to get started by calling us at 877-448-9746 or order your cards online. Once you have placed your order, we will send you a list of available merchants in your area including their current deals. (Deals include everything from Buy One, Get One Free to % Off a Total Purchase and $Off of a Minimum Purchase).

Simply select the merchants that you want to offer, with a minimum of 10, and we will get your cards custom printed with your groups name and logo and the names of the businesses you chose.

Then you go sell the cards and your customers get awesome deals for the things they like most!

How Much Profit Will I Make From the City Savings Card Fundraiser?

Your profit depends on the number of cards you buy and ranges from 50% – 75%. You sell each City Savings Card for $10.

How Do I Order My City Savings Discount Fundraiser Cards?

You can order your cards online by clicking the big, red “Click Here to Buy Online” button or by calling one of our expert fundraising consultants at 877-448-9746.

When Will I Receive My City Savings Fundraiser Cards?

Because these cards are printed custom for your group, and because we must work to sign up new merchants for you, it can take a bit longer than a typical Discount card fundraiser for your cards to ship out. Expect to receive your order within 3 weeks.

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