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Coffee and Tea Fundraising

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  • 40% Profit Guaranteed
  • No Money Up Front
  • Great Flavors
  • Free to start!
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Profit and Costs:

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 40% YES
1 to 149 40% No

Why Coffee and Tea fundraising

Raising money has never been so delicious! Coffee and tea are both incredibly popular drinks and that makes them an excellent choice for your next fundraising program.

At Go Green Fundraising we are focused on one thing and one thing only – providing you and your group with fundraising programs that are good for the planet or good for your body.  Our coffee and Tea fundraiser is an excellent alternative to other food based fundraisers that may have sugary or fattening items for sale.

Not only is it a great alternative, but it is also delicious.  With 8 flavors of coffee and 6 blends of tea, everyone is sure to find a beverage that they can enjoy.  Plus, with a low price point of only $10, these coffees and teas are a great value for your customers.

How Does Coffee and Tea Fundraising Work?

  • Contact us to request free, full color Coffee fundraiser brochures for the members of your group.
  • Group members sell coffee and tea collect money from the customers.
  • When the fundraiser ends you will need to tally your orders.
  • Email, phone, or fax us your order form.
  • Once your order is paid for it will ship out.
  • You receive your coffee and tea and distribute it to your participants.
  • You keep the profits and pay only for the cost of the products.
  • Use the money to support your cause!

How Much Profit Can I Make From Coffee fundraising and Tea Fundraising?

Coffee and tea fundraisers are very profitable. Your groups will earn a guaranteed 40% profit on every item that you sell.

What Are My Costs With Coffee Fundraising?

There is no cost to hold a coffee and tea fundraiser. We provide all sales materials you need including brochures and order forms free of charge. Simply tell us you are ready to get started and how many people will be selling with you and we will send out your coffee and tea fundraising kit.

Each item in the fundraiser sells for $10 and your profit is a flat 40%.  That means that your cost will be $6 for every item that you sell.

Shipping is free for orders that meet our low minimum of 150 items.  Orders for fewer than 150 items will pay a flat $65 shipping fee.

Are There Different Varieties of Coffee and Tea Available?

We currently offer 8 flavors of coffee and 6 different teas.

The coffee flavors are:

House Blend Coffee – The house favorite.  Smooth, rich, perfect.  This our all around people pleaser.
Breakfast Blend Coffee – Relax and pull out the Sunday paper.  This aroma will wrap itself around you on those cold mornings and jump start the slow workdays.
Hazelnut Crème Coffee – Our Best Seller.  Just right amount of hazelnut mixed with a touch of cream.
Caramel Mudslide Coffee – Need we say more?  The smooth blend of chocolate and caramel is sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Southern Pecan Coffee – A nutty southern specialty decorated with real pecan pieces!
Yankee Doodle Coffee – Sweet hazelnut and cinnamon make this snickerdoodle flavored blend an American classic.
Mexican Decaf Coffee – This south-of-the-border blend is so smooth and flavorful you won’t believe it’s decaf.
Coffee Gift Tin – each collectable gift tin comes with 1.5 oz packages of house blend, breakfast blend, caramel mudslide and hazelnut crème.

Our tea offerings include:

Mango Tea – A tropical flavor that is sure to please.
Raspberry Tea – A smooth blend of red raspberries and black tea make for the perfect cup of tea.
Earl Grey Tea – Hints of citrus and nuts accent this hearty Earl Grey tea.
Black Currant Tea – We blended sweet currants with a delicious black tea to make this special blend.
Peach Apricot Tea – One of the best sellers and it’s obvious why!  Who doesn’t love the sweetness of peaches and apricots?
Orange Spice Tea – Great any time of the year.  A hint of spice really livens up this orange flavored tea.

How Do I Place My Fundraising Coffee and Tea Order?

We will provide your group with tally sheets and a master order form to help you organize your final order.  Simply tally up all of the coffee and tea orders and come up with a total for each flavor on the master order form.  You can either call, email, or fax your order to us.

Once we have your order we will generate an invoice for you.  You will need to verify that the order is correct and then pay for your order.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, money orders, and checks.  We also accept 30 day purchase orders from public schools.

When Will I Get My Coffee and Tea Fundraiser Order?

Fresh coffee and tea means delicious coffee and tea.  That is why we ship your orders directly from our coffee producer meaning your order is the freshest coffee you can get short of roasting your own.  Orders are shipped after we receive payment and typically arrive within 2 weeks.

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