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Easy Fundraisers for Individuals

As an individual trying to raise money you have probably already run into one of the big dilemmas that all people raising money by themselves run into – there just aren’t many options available that you can realistically do. Sure, there are thousands of fundraisers you could pick from, but nearly all of them have some kind of minimum that is nearly impossible to reach when you are raising money alone. What you need then, it would seem, are some easy fundraisers for individuals that either have extremely low minimums or no minimums at all. They also need to return a high profit percentage to make them worth your time.

Or at least that’s how the thinking went in the past. But now, with the introduction of our revolutionary Online Donation Fundraiser concepts like minimums are going to be thrown completely out the window.

This is far and away the most easy fundraiser for individuals ever devised. There are no products to sell and no minimums and you keep 80% of every dollar raised. The way it works is very simple and gives you options to decide how involved you want to be and how much work you want to put into raising money.

When you sign up, you will go through a few steps to create a webpage with information about you, why you are raising money, and what your goal is. There will also be a place to upload a picture of yourself or of the reason you are doing your individual fundraiser. Once you’ve set up your page, there will be a place to upload contacts and our system will automatically send out emails from you soliciting donations. You can even set it up to automatically send out reminders to people who haven’t donated yet.

You will also have the opportunity to use the handy Donation Request Cards that you can hand out to people so that they can go online and donate directly to your cause. The great thing is that this gives you the ability to raise money locally like you always would and still keep the personal touch that makes fundraising as an individual so great, but you can also incorporate the online giving to raise more money than ever before!

The Top Green Fundraisers
Flower bulb Fundraisers
  • Watch Your Money Grow
  • Sell Something People Want
  • No Risk to Try
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Smencils Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $1 Each
  • Green Fundraisier!
  • Great For Students
more information
Smens Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $2 Each
  • Perfect Fundraiser For Students
  • Double Your Money With Smens
more information
Earth Candles Fundraisers
  • Best Candle Fundraiser
  • FREE Brochures & Order Forms
  • No Minimum
more information
Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Save up to 60%
  • We Price Match
  • 10,000+ Restaurants Nationwide
more information
Photo Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Up to 90% Profit
  • A $54.95 Value
  • Good at all Sears Portrait Studios
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