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Fundraising Ideas for your Group

School Fundraisers LinkMore information about green School Fundraisers

School Fundraisers

Schools do the most fundraisers and have a lot to gain from switching to eco friendly fundraisers. There are so many different organizations, clubs, and groups that make up a school that it can seem like someone is always doing a fundraiser. Learn more about eco-friendly, healthy, and educational school fundraisers.

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Sports Fundraisers LinkMore information about green sports fundraisers

Sports Fundraisers

As sports get more competitive and equipment costs rise, being involved in athletics is getting very expensive. To help defray some of the costs many teams turn to fundraisers, often more than one a year. Go Green Fundraising offers some fantastic fundraising programs for sports teams. Click on your team to learn about programs for you.

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Church Fundraisers graphic linkMore information about green church fundraisers

Church Fundraisers

A good church is always spending money. Not on themselves but on helping the community or working to expand the reach of the church. Expenses pile up quickly and when a special project or a budget shortfall arises, churches often look to fundraising programs to help. Find information on fundraisers for your church organization by click on your group below.

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Non Profit Fundraisers LinkMore information about the Non Profit Fundraisers

Non Profit Fundraisers

Non-profit organizations do a lot of good for a lot of people. They are good for the community because their members are often working on very worthwhile projects and they are good for the group members because of the opportunity they provide to serve. Click on your non profit organization below to learn about our fundraising programs for your group.

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Club Fundraisers LinkMore information about the Club Fundraisers

Club Fundraisers

Joining a club is a great experience. You get to make new friends and learn new skills or activities. Belonging to a club can really help shape a person. But, many clubs are expensive to be members of and even those that aren’t often have membership fees at a minimum. To learn about Club Fundraising Ideas to help cover these costs check out our fundraising programs designed for your club.

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With all of the different fundraising ideas out there, it can be hard to know where to start looking for the programs and products that will be right for your group. One great way to start narrowing the search is to look for fundraisers for your group. At Go Green Fundraising, we have sorted out some great fundraising ideas that are targeted at specific groups. We also have a lot of fundraising tips to help you raise the most money possible.