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Fundraising Categories

Top Fundraisers

Our Top Fundraisers are the very best fundraisers that we offer. They are chosen by the most groups, offer the best profits, and groups sell a greater number of products with these top fundraising ideas. You will find our top two brochure based programs – the Go Green Fundraiser and the Flower Bulb Fundraiser – as well as the number one direct sell fundraiser – Smencils.

choose from: Go Green FundraiserFlower Bulb FundraiserSmencils Fundraiser

Green Products Fundraisers

Go Green Fundraising is the number one source for Green Products fundraisers. These fundraisers feature products that are incredibly earth friendly and will help you and your customers reduce your impact on the planet. Some examples include reusable shopping bags and candles made from an all natural soy wax.

choose from: Go Green FundraiserEarth Candles FundraiserDodo Bags Fundraiser

Healthy Food Fundraisers

As more and more groups realize that selling sugary and fattening foods probably isn’t a good idea, there has been a surge in the number of organizations looking for Healthy Food Fundraisers. Our healthy food fundraisers feature options that are healthier than the products you have sold in the past.

choose from: Trail Mix FundraiserNatural Foods FundraiserCoffee and Tea FundraiserJack Link’s Fundraiser

Recycled Products Fundraisers

What could be better for the earth than selling items made from recycled materials? We’ve got two amazing programs including the Smencils recycled pencil fundraiser and a discount card that is printed on 100% recycled plastic.

choose from: Smencils FundraiserRecycled Discount Cards Fundraiser

Plant Fundraisers

The greenest of all fundraising categories is plant fundraising. But rather than having to buy pallets of flowers or planting trees in some far off forest, our plant fundraisers allow you to sell plants from brochures and your customers get flower bulbs, herbs, and trees that can be planted in their very own yard.

choose from: Flower Bulb FundraiserLive Tree Fundraiser

Traditional Fundraisers

We know that not all groups are ready to make the leap to green fundraising products. And while it would be nice if everyone did sell healthy and eco friendly items, we still want to help you meet your fundraising goals. That is why we offer these traditional fundraisers like frozen cookie dough and candy bar sales.

choose from: Cookie Dough FundraisingCandy FundraisingEntertainment Book FundraisingPizza and Sandwich Discount Card Fundraisers

Unique Fundraisers

One really smart way to boost your profits is to find unique fundraisers that will set your group apart from all of the other groups raising money. We’ve come up with some incredible fundraisers that feature very unique and great selling products.

choose from: Smencils FundraiserOnline Donation Fundraising

Discount Card Fundraisers

Discounts cards are one of the most profitable and successful fundraising ideas. They have been around forever and people inherently understand and appreciate the value these discount cards provide. We’ve made this category more eco friendly by printing our cards on 100% recycled plastic.

choose from: Restaurant Discount Card FundraisersPhoto Discount Card FundraisersMoney Savings Card FundraiserEntertainment Book Fundraiser

Online Fundraisers

There is a brand new way for groups to raise money and that is using the internet. We have developed some revolutionary online fundraisers that allow you to conduct your fundraisers entirely on the internet. Programs like these drastically reduce the amount of paper that is used and can greatly simplify the whole fundraising process. Use the power of the internet and your connections to beat your fundraising goals.

choose from: Online Donation Fundraiser

At Go Green Fundraising, we are focused on one thing – offering your group the very best fundraising products and ideas that feature eco-friendly, healthy, or recycled items. We have a broad range of products and fundraising ideas for your group to choose from. We have helped thousands of groups ranging from elementary schools to Relay for Life teams and even individuals raising money to start a business meet their fundraising goals and doing so with eco friendly fundraising products.