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More information about the Go Green Fundraiser

Go Green Fundraiser

The Go Green Fundraiser is our flagship program and is unique in the fundraising industry for the number of eco-friendly products that it offers. Your customers will be able to choose from such excellent items as all natural foods, organic body care items, recycled paper gift cards, flower bulbs, and healthy lifestyle magazines.

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More information about the Earth Candles Fundraiser

Earth Candles Fundraiser

Our Earth Candles fundraiser is the most eco friendly candle fundraiser available. Featuring soy wax candles and brochures made of recycled paper, you can be sure that your customers are buying a high quality and environmentally responsible candles possible. This green products fundraiser is free to start and offers a guaranteed 50% profit.

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More information about the Dodo Bags Fundraiser

Dodo Bags Fundraiser

The Dodo Bag fundraiser is a great choice for smaller groups who want to earn a high profit and help the planet. This program features high quality canvas shopping bags made in the United States. It is free to start and offers profits ranging from 40% – 55% with a minimum order of only 25 bags.

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More information about the Custom Bags Fundraiser

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

The custom shopping bag fundraiser is an exciting choice for groups looking for green fundraising products that can be customized with a groups logo or slogan. With an easy to sell and eco friendly product, and profits up to 70%, this is great green product fundraiser.

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We all know that something has to be done to protect our planet. That much is clear. What isn’t so clear is what it is that we are supposed to do. Some people go vegan, ride their bicycles everywhere, and compost or recycle everything they possibly can. Other people will nod approvingly when they hear about green acts but don’t make any changes in their own lives. For most, there is a happy medium between these two extremes that involves making simple changes that have a serious impact and that is where our Green Product Fundraisers fit in.

Groups have always needed to raise money and there are tens of thousands of groups doing fundraisers. Most of them are selling fundraising products that are neither healthy nor good for the planet in any way. Our aim is to change that.

All of the fundraising ideas that we offer will have healthy or eco-friendly products. The thought here is that you can do more with your fundraisers by selling products that help people make simple and meaningful changes that reduce our impact on the planet.