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Healthy Food Fundraisers


More information about the Trail Mix Fundraiser

Trail Mix Fundraiser

Our trail mix fundraiser is one of the best options for groups looking for a healthier way to raise money who want to continue selling food products. It is free to start and offers a guaranteed 50% profit. The trail mix healthy food fundraiser includes delicious trail and snack mixes with nuts and seeds but it also has some sweet options like the yogurt pretzels.

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More information about the Healthy Creations Fundraiser

Natural Foods Fundraiser

Our Healthy Creations Natural Food Fundraiser is the only organic and all natural healthy food brochure based fundraiser anywhere! It features delicious and healthy food products like organic 10 grain breads, all natural snack bars, and something for your customers with a sweet tooth with the organic chocolate chip cookie mix. This program is completely free to start.

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More information about the Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

The Coffee and Tea fundraiser is a fantastic option for groups who enjoy selling food but want to get away from the unhealthy options. Our coffee and tea fundraiser features delicious tea blends and coffee that is roasted just before it ships so you receive the freshest and tastiest products anywhere. This program is free to start and you will earn a guaranteed 40% profit.

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More information about the Jack Links Fundraiser

Jack Links Fundraiser

Candy sales have always been popular because the product was delicious, easy to sell, inexpensive, and had a decent shelf life. The problem was the sugar content. But now, with a Jack Links beef jerky fundraiser, you have a product with the same benefits that is also healthy!

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Healthy food fundraisers are one of the most popular and smart ways to green up the way you raise money. Most groups who raise money are familiar with the traditional food fundraisers and understand very well why they have been so historically successful. Programs like frozen cookie dough or candy bar sales have dominated the food category for a very long time and it is easy to see why. They offer products that people think are delicious, that are easy to sell, and that tend to offer relatively high profit margins.

But the problems with these programs are obvious. They tend to be extremely unhealthy and with an ever increasing problem with obesity, it just doesn’t make sense for many groups to continue raising money with them. Realizing that, many groups who enjoy selling food products to raise money have started looking for healthy food fundraisers. These food fundraising products feature less sugar and more natural ingredients than almost any food products you have sold before. If you have questions about any of these programs, feel free to call us at 877-448-9746.