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Plant Fundraisers


More information about the Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Flower and Bulb Fundraiser

Our #1 plant fundraiser, selling flower bulbs is one of the easiest, most profitable, and most beautiful ways to raise money. We offer programs in the spring and in the fall that feature seasonally appropriate bulbs and seeds. Your customers can plant their bulbs right away and we even guarantee that they will grow. Free to start and offering 50% profit, this is a “natural” choice for any group!

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More information about the Tree Fundraiser

Live Tree Fundraiser

The greenest of the green fundraising ideas, our tree fundraiser has been helping groups raise money in a unique and eco friendly way. Unlike some other tree fundraisers where the trees are planted in a far away forest, our program provides you with living trees that can be planted in your backyard or community. This plant fundraiser is also free to start.

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When you get down to it, there is absolutely no greener way to raise money than with plant fundraisers. Instead of selling unhealthy foods, wrapping paper, or novelty items, plant fundraisers allow your group the opportunity to meet your goals selling plants for fundraising products!

There are many advantages to selling plants to raise money. Unlike most other products, plants are something that lasts for a very long time and can have many benefits for your customers. For example, with our tree fundraiser, the trees do everything from preventing pollution runoff to cooling an area to improving property values. Talk about some major environmental impact from a simple fund raising program!

All of our plant fundraisers are free to start and you can qualify for free shipping by meeting our low minimum orders. If you have questions about how to do any of these fund raisers or if you are ready to get started now, call us at 877-448-9746.