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Get Your FREE Fundraising Thermometer that you can update directly from your own website.

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At Go Green Fundraising, we know that your cause is important and that you want to raise as much money as you possibly can. But how do you do that? And what tools are available to help motivate your sellers?

We have found that the most important motivator for any group that is doing a fundraiser is to have a goal. Your goal can be a thing, like buying a new playground, or a dollar amount, like $1000 to donate to a local homeless shelter. Whichever way you choose to go, it is vitally important that everyone who is selling knows what the goal is and the reason for raising the money.

To make the point even more valid for your fundraising group, you will want them to know what kind of progress they are making during the fundraising event. Whether your fundraiser is scheduled to last 6 days or 6 months, knowing exactly where you stand in relation to your goal can help get your sellers over the hump and motivate them to stretch to get those last couple of sales in.

To that end, we are excited to be able to offer this customizable fundraising thermometer absolutely free of charge. Our fundraising thermometer is easy to use and can almost guarantee that you will raise more money. To add the thermometer to your site, simply choose one of the options above and have your webmaster add the code that is generated to your website where everyone can see it.

Our fund raising thermometer has proven to increase sales for all kinds of groups from church fundraisers to student fundraisers, and PTA fundraisers to Girl Scout fundraisers.  Just plug in your numbers and get ready to raise more money than ever before.