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  Go Green Fundraising Brochure   Go Green Fundraising Products is a natural NO MONEY UP FRONT way to raise money and help the environment at the same time. This fundraiser offers a large variety of green fund raising products such as trees, flowers, natural foods, and body products. Get started today by ordering your brochures online or give us a call toll free at 1-877-448-9746 to speak to one of our Green Fundraising Specialists.
  • Up to 55% Profit
  • No Money Up Front to Start
  • FREE Shipping Available
  • FREE Full Color Brochures
  • 36 Green Products
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Profit and Costs:

Items Sold Your Profit %
5000 55%
1664 50%
664 45%
336 40%
200 30%
120 min. 20%

Earth friendly fundraising

Fundraising is exciting again with Go Green Fundraising, the most environmentally friendly, healthy and organic fundraiser anywhere! A Go Green Fundraiser lets your group raise money while also helping the environment. Fundraising for your group and for the earth, what could be better than that?

Go Green Fundraisers are 100% free to start. You have absolutely no costs to start raising money with Go Green Fundraising products. Simply let us know that you are ready to start and we will provide everything you need to start and run your fundraiser for $0.  This includes all of your brochures, order forms, cash collection envelopes, and even a packet to help the fund raising coordinator keep everything organized.

Our Go Green Fundraising line offers a wide array of affordable, environmentally friendly fundraising products such as Re-Usable Shopping Bags that cut down on plastic bag waste, delicious Organic Bread Mixes for making your own heart healthy breads, and even Fair Trade Organic Coffees to get your morning started in an earth friendly way.

With everyone talking Green, our fundraising line makes great sense for all kinds of groups. Sports leagues, Churches, Schools, Non Profit Organizations, Bands, everyone can benefit from Green fundraising ideas.

Why Go Green Fundraising?

  • Environmentally Friendly Fundraising – Our entire focus at Go Green Fundraising is to provide your group the most environmentally friendly products that offer you the opportunity to maximize your profit.
  • An Educational Fundraiser – When was the last time your group learned something from your fundraiser? A Go Green Fundraiser is a great opportunity to learn and teach about the environment.  It is also a great way to get the people of your community involved in making positive changes for the planet.
  • No Upfront Costs – There is no cost to start your fundraiser. You simply contact us, either by phone, email, or our brochure request form and we will supply you with brochures and order forms for each of your group members. Once you have completed your fundraiser, simply send in your order form for only what has already been sold.
  • Free Brochures and Order Forms – Our current brochure is an 8 page, full color brochure with images and descriptions of each item. These are provided free to your fundraising group. We also provide money collection envelopes, order forms, and a packet to help you keep everything organized.
  • Free Shipping – We offer free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 States to any fundraising group who meets our low minimum order of 120 items.
  • Spring and Fall Lines – Because some of our products are only seasonally available, such as certain flowers, we offer both a Fall and Spring line. This allows us to provide you with a fresh and timely line every season, every year.  Be sure and check with your fundraising consultant to make sure of the availability dates for your sale.

How Does a Go Green Fundraiser Work?

  • Call us, Email us, or Order Online 1 brochure/catalog for each fundraising participant – FREE of charge!
  • Have participants sell Go Green items to friends and family and collect payment.
  • Once your green fundraiser is complete, collect all of the money and order forms and tally them all together.
  • Place the final order for the Go Green products either by phone or fax.
  • You pay only the cost for your order and your group keeps the profit.
  • We then ship your order which you distribute to your participants.

What Kind of Profit Can I Make With a Go Green Fundraiser?

Your fundraiser profit depends on the number of items you sell. The more items your group sells, the more profit you can make. We offer fundraising groups as much as 55% profit for their entire order.

What Will A Go Green Fundraiser Cost Me?

We have ZERO upfront costs. We supply you with free brochures, order forms, money collections envelopes, and order tally sheets. And, if you meet our low 120 item minimum order, we even ship your order for free. The only thing your group will pay for is the cost of the items which you have already sold and collected money for. This means you have no risk!

How Do I Place My Go Green Fundraiser Order?

Once you have completed your fundraiser, collect all of the money and tally your order on the Order Form we provide your group. Then just give us a call at (877) 448-9746.

We will enter your order into our system and then send you an invoice. You review your invoice and make sure that our numbers match yours.  Then you can either call with a Visa or Mastercard or mail in a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. We will ship your order once we have received your payment.

We do accept Purchase Orders to Public Schools with 30 day terms and will ship orders upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

When Will I Receive My Go Green Products?

Orders typically ship the same day we receive payment. One thing unique to Go Green Fundraising is that orders may be filled with multiple shipments. This is because our Trees and Flowers are shipped directly from our farms to insure that your plants arrive as fresh as possible. We ship the rest of your order from our regional warehouses and try very hard to get the orders to arrive within days of one another.

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