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Green Fundraisers

We believe Green Fundraisers are the way to go for lots of different reasons.

The first reason is the most obvious: You will be helping the environment in a small yet significant way. If you know know you will be holding a fundraiser then why not sell an earth friendly fundraising product? We hope you’ll consider flower bulb fundraising or selling Smencils, which are made from recycled newspapers.

The second reason to hold green fundraisers is to differentiate yourself from all the other fundraisers. Just think about it. Two kids knock on your door with their cookie dough fundraiser information. Do you want to be the third person to knock on a door selling the same thing? Definitely not!

The third reason is the growing social awareness of green products. Don’t you think if all things are equal given a choice peope would naturally buy an environmentally safe product?

Go Green Fundraising is dedicated to changing the face of fundraising and introducing people to our product line. Below we have highlighted 6 of our many green fundraisers. These are tried and proven fundraising ideas and we really suggest you consider one of them the next time you plan to raise money.

The Top Green Fundraisers
Flower bulb Fundraisers
  • Watch Your Money Grow
  • Sell Something People Want
  • No Risk to Try
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Smencils Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $1 Each
  • Green Fundraisier!
  • Great For Students
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Smens Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $2 Each
  • Perfect Fundraiser For Students
  • Double Your Money With Smens
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Earth Candles Fundraisers
  • Best Candle Fundraiser
  • FREE Brochures & Order Forms
  • No Minimum
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Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Save up to 60%
  • We Price Match
  • 10,000+ Restaurants Nationwide
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Photo Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Up to 90% Profit
  • A $54.95 Value
  • Good at all Sears Portrait Studios
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