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Green Fundraising

For a long time there seemed to no new fundraising ideas. Year in and year out people trudged to work with catalogues full of wrapping paper and novelty logo cups, or with order forms for calorie packed cookie dough or baked treats, or they set up shop outside of grocery stores and tried to peddle unhealthy candy to disinterested shoppers. No one was having fun anymore. The fun was gone from fundraising.

The fun was gone, that is, until these new fundraising ideas came along that has revolutionized the world of fundraising. Now fundraising is a blast. Green Fundraisers are profitable, educational, and environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that this Go Green Fundraising idea can help your group meet its goals.

Go Green Fundraising Products

Go Green fundraising is the most diverse environmentally friendly fundraising idea available. Most green fundraisers only offer a few products, but we have 24 unique green fundraising products for your supporters to choose from. This makes it easy for your group to be environmentally conscious while offering a better product selection to your supportes making your fundraiser more sucessful. It is so easy and everyone wins! Check out the products that are avilable through this fundraier:

  • Flowers and Bulbs
  • Live Trees and Seed Kits
  • Reuseable Bags
  • All Natural Food and Snacks
  • All Natural Beauty Products

Spring/Fall Flower Fundraiser

Some people think that you can only do a flower fundraiser during certain times of the year. Not true. We offer flower bulb fundraisers that are designed around the time of year that you do your fundraiser. We take care of everything for you. We automatically switch our brochures based on the season of your fundraisers to ensure that you are selling the correct bulbs to your supporters. Check out some of the flowers available with this green fundraising idea:

  • Hardy Gladiolus
  • Stargazer Lilies
  • Mixed Anemone Blanda
  • Hanging Strawberry Kit
  • Orchid Glads

Dodo Bag Fundraising Products

Help protect our planet by selling our earth friendly reusable Dodo fundraising shopping bags. Available in 9 different designs this green fundraising program will help cut down on the number of plastic bags that are polluting our landfills and waterways. There is no cost to get started. You can even combine this with our great Tree and Seed Kit fundraising idea for a completely green fundraising campaign. Here are some of the benefits:

  • No Money to get Started
  • Reuseable Products
  • Made in the USA
  • FREE Full Color Order Forms

Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising Products

Are you looking for an earth friendly fundraising idea that does not cost anything to start? Then this is the program for you. Our Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising program is the newest and easiest Go Green Fundrasing Idea. You and members of your group will sell live trees and tree seed kits using FREE BROCHURES and order forms. The tree and seeds are shipped directly from the nursery. The is definitely one of most simple fundraising ideas around.

  • Live Tree and Seed Kits
  • Long Lasting Product
  • Great for School Projects
  • FREE Full Color Order Forms

All Natural Food Fundraising Products

Healthy Creations Food Fundraisers are a great alternative to traditional frozen cookie dough fundraisers. Many school districts, in fact, are beginning to restrict the sale of cookies and candy on campus. Healthy Creations is one of the best food fundraising ideas around because it offers a great selection of foods and desserts made with organic ingredients and whole grains. In fact, the program includes Organic Cookie Mixes. Consider a Healthy Creations Food sale for your green fundraising needs instead of frozen cookie dough this year.

  • Great Alternative to Candy
  • All Natural Healthy Ingredients
  • Great Products Like Organic Pumpkin Cranberry Cookies
  • FREE Full Color Order Forms

Smencils Fundraising Products

Smencil Fundraisers are great for groups wanting Green fundraising programs. These pencils are made from recycled newspapers and come with scented oils for a fun twist. Smencil fundraising pencils can be purchased with standard graphite.They are now also available in an assortment of different colors. This is a great earth friendly fundraiser!

  • Smart Alternative Fundraising Idea
  • Made from recycled and biodegradable materials
  • 50% Profit
  • Available in 4 fun varieties

Earth Candle Fundraising Products

The Earth Candle Fundraiser is the most eco friendly candle fundraiser available anywhere! The candles are made from an organically produced soy wax and they utilize lead free candle wicks. To make it even more green, all of the labels and sales materials used are printed on recycled papers and are dyed with soy based inks. Your group earns a fantastic 50% profit on every candle sold making this a great green fundraising choice for any organization.
  • Soy Based Wax
  • Recycled Paper Labels and Sales Materials
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Order Forms
  • 50% Profit

Custom Shopping Bag Fundraiser

One of the most popular and success fundraising ideas used by groups around the country is selling merchandise with the organizations logo printed on it. Besides being a great way to raise money, it is a wonderful way to raise awareness for your cause or to get fans to show support for the team. Our custom shopping bag fundraiser has taken that concept and turned it into a green fundraising program! Get your logo printed on handy and eco friendly reusable shopping bags.
  • Custom Printed
  • Pick Your Colors
  • Free Shipping
  • Up to 70% Profit
  • 100% Earth Friendly

Money Savings Card Discount Card Fundraiser

The Money Savings Card discount card fundraiser is one of the coolest, easiest, and most green fundraising ideas. The card gets your customers discounts and cash back at online retailers like Target, Wal*Mart, and BabyCenter. Your group gets up to 90% profit. The cards are printed on recycled plastic. There are no brochures or order forms that ended up getting trashed. It is a great way to raise alot of money while having a minimal impact on the planet.
  • Good at Over 1400 Online Retailers
  • Earn Cash Back and Discounts Up to 75%
  • Printed on Recycled Plastic
  • No Waste
  • Up to 90% Profit
Trail Mix fundraiser icon

Trail Mix Fundraiser

Foods just sell well and are a great way to raise gobs of money for your group. But for the longest time, groups who wanted to sell foods were stuck with ridiculously unhealthy options. But now, with our Trail Mix fundraiser, you can sell delicious and healthy snacks and trail mixes and raise some serious profits in the process.
  • Healthy Fundraising Option
  • Guaranteed 50% Profit
  • Free to Start
  • Simple to Do
  • Low Minimums and Free Shipping

Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

Coffees and Teas are enjoyed around the world and now your fundraising group can enjoy them as well! Our coffee and tea fundraiser is available all year long. It offers a flat 40% profit with free shipping on orders that meet our low minimums. This green fundraising idea is especially popular around the holidays because coffee and tea make such great gift ideas.
  • 8 Coffees and 6 Tea Blends
  • Guaranteed 40% Profit
  • Free Shipping
  • Free to Start
  • Up to 90% Profit

Jack Links Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Beef Jerky is the most popular option for groups looking for either an alternative to candy fundraisers or those groups looking for green fundraising items that sell for just $1. With 1 case minimums, free shipping, and a guarantee of 50% profit on your fundraiser, this one is a no brainer.
  • 2 delicious and high profit options
  • Guaranteed 50% Profit
  • Free Shipping
  • Free to Start
  • Items sell for just $1.00

Restaurant.com Discount Gift Cards Fundraiser

For a long time, fundraising customers have been asking for a product that offers real value for their money. They have grown tired of overpaying for low quality goods. And that is exactly why our Restaurant.com discount gift card fundraiser is such a great choice. For only $20, your customers will receive a $50 voucher that is valid at more than 15,000 restaurants all over the country.
  • Great Value for Your Customers
  • Guaranteed 50% Profit
  • Very Low Minimums
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • Valid at 15,000+ Locations
Photo Session Icon

Photo Session Discount Cards Fundraiser

For just $10, your customers can buy a gift card valid at every location of either Wal*Mart Picture Me photo or Sears Portrait Centers. The gift card entitles your customers to a photo session and 3 free prints – a value of up to $54.95. It’s a great value for your customers and with profits from 50% – 90%, a fantastic choice for your group.
  • Choose from Sears or Wal*Mart Photo Sessions
  • Up to 90% Profit
  • Terrific Value
  • So Easy to Sell
  • Low Minimums and Free Shipping

We are all bombarded daily with messages from companies that are going green. Whether you think it’s all just PR, or you commend them and ask how you too can help, this is all free marketing for organizations that are doing a Green Fundraiser. The idea of “green” is always fresh on the minds of people that you are selling to and this makes our already terrific line of healthy and environmentally friendly products just that much easier to sell.

The other reason that Green Fundraising tends to be very successful is that customers have grown weary of buying the same fundraising products all the time. They all have all of the little trinkets they can use and most would rather not have a tub of cookie dough calling their name from the freezer. Go Green Fundraising offers products that people can and will actually use. Reusable Shopping Bag Fundraising, Healthy Food Fundraising, and Tree Fundraising are all fundraiser lines with products that people are excited to try and use themselves.

Besides being incredibly easy to sell, Green Fundraising products can be valuable educational tools. It does not matter what the age group of your organization is, Green Fundraising can teach lessons to everyone. Whether it is the benefits of planting a tree, or the amount of pollution that a single reusable shopping bag can reduce, or just an increased awareness of our impact on the environment and the small steps that can be made to reduce that impact, everyone can learn something from a Go Green Fundraiser. From school fundraisers to church fundraisers, and sports fundraisers to club fundraisers, all kinds of groups have benefitted from our eco-friendly fund raisers.

Go Green Fundraising is proud to offer you a full line of Green Fundraising products for your organization to sell. Whether it is our Tree and Seed Kit Fundraiser for the Boy Scouts or our Flower Bulb Fundraiser for cheerleading squads, we believe that every group can find a product line that fits their organization. Request a free Go Green Catalogue to get started on your Green Fundraising adventure today.