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Healthy Food Fundraisers

  Go Green Fundraising Brochure   Healthy Creations Food Fundraisers are a great alternative to traditional frozen cookie dough fundraisers. Many school districts, in fact, are beginning to restrict the sale of cookies and candy on campus. Healthy Creations is one of the best food fundraising ideas around because it offers a great selection of foods and desserts made with organic ingredients and whole grains. In fact, the program includes Organic Cookie Mixes. Consider a Healthy Creations Food Fundraising program instead of frozen cookie dough this year.
  • Healthy Alternative to Candy
  • No Money Down
  • Up to 55% Profit
  • Free Shipping
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Profit and Costs:

Why Healthy Food Fundraising?

Cookie dough fundraising has been one of the best fundraising ideas for years. But recently more and more groups have become concerned with selling fattening foods.  There are even a number of schools and school districts that have banned the sale of unhealthy food items on campus. Now you can make the same high fundraising profits you did with cookie dough by selling great tasting products with our Healthy Creations Food Fundraiser.

This Healthy Fundraising idea offers 12 different products that are healthier options including Organic Mixes, products made with Whole Grains and other delicious products. Customers will line up to purchase Organic Cookie Mixes, Ten Grain Bread, Oregano and Basil Pizza Crust or any of our muffins or snack bars made from whole grains. The products are delicious and are made with all natural ingredients. We even offer a gluten free chocolate cookie mix. Who can resist a delicious, all natural, healthy food fundraiser?

How Does a Healthy Creations Food Fundraiser Work?

  • Contact us to request free, full color brochures and order forms for each members of your group
  • Members your group show the Healthy Foods brochure to friends and family and take orders. They collect the money at the time of the sale.
  • At the end of the fundraiser, gather all of the money and tally your order.
  • Email, phone, or fax us your order form.
  • Upon receipt of payment we ship your order to you and your group distributes the product to your customers.
  • You keep the profits and pay only for the cost of the products.
  • Use the money to support your cause!

How Much Profit Can I Make From Healthy Food Fundraising?

Take a look at the profit chart. The more items you sell the higher your profit percentage per item is. To determine how much profit your Healthy Creations food fundraiser can generate simply estimate the number of items you feel like you will sell and look at the profit percentage you would earn.

What Are My Costs With Healthy Food Fundraising?

There is no cost to hold a Healthy Creations food fundraiser. We provide all sales materials you need including brochures and order forms free of charge. Simply tell us you are ready to get started and we will send out your Healthy Food fundraising kit.

Why is Healthy Creations a Better Food Fundraiser?

Many groups struggle with the idea of selling fatty foods. In fact many schools simply ban the sale of cookie dough or candy on campus. Our Healthy Creations Food Fundraisers offer a great selection of excellent tasting foods and desserts but all of them are either made from whole grains or are organic.

The selection includes Organic Cookie Mixes, Ten Grain Bread, Pretzels, Pizza Crust kits, muffins and dessert bars. There is something for everyone.

How Do I Place My Order?

At the end of your sale tally together all order forms and money. Write those totals down on a tally sheet we provided or in an Excel Spreadsheet. Submit your order by either calling us at (877) 448-9746 or email it to sales@go-green-fundraising.com.

We will enter the order into our system and generate an invoice for you to review. Once you agree that the invoice is correct, we bill you for only the costs of the goods you have sold plus a nominal freight surcharge if you do not reach our minimum order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Checks or Money Orders. We also will accept Purchase Orders from Public Schools. Once we receive your payment, we ship you your Healthy Creations products.

When Will I Get My Order?

We try to have your order shipped within 7 business days. We ship via Fed-Ex and UPS. Typically shipping takes 4 or 5 days so you should receive your order approximately 2 weeks after we receive your order and payment.

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