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Why Jack Links Beef jerky fundraising?

Many organizations that do some sort of fundraising now have to look for new choices as candy becomes less popular as a result of its unhealthy nature. Beef Jerky is the perfect choice if your group is looking to get away from candy fundraisers. Instead of sugary candy, Beef Jerky is high in protein and are designed to meet and in many cases even beat the health requirements that you might have to meet.

Are There Different Varieties of Jack Links Beef Jerky Fundraisers?

Yes! Your group has 3 terrific options when it comes to beef jerky fundraising.

Beef Stick Fundraising Kit (F2104): These cases come with 4 carriers containing 50 Original Beef Sticks each for a total of 200 pieces in each case. Your cost is currently $200 per case.

Original SQUATCH Sticks –
Open your taste buds to a bold new world and savor the flavor SQUATCH has to offer. Meat Me, Eat Me, and don’t forget to Feed Your Wild Side. You sell each stick for $2 and your cost is only $120 meaning you earn a terrific 40% profit. There are 120 sticks in each case. Each case comes with 6 convenient carry bags containing 20 sticks each. There’s a 1 case minimum and shipping is FREE.

Original SQUATCH Sticks – A kick in a stick is exactly what this bold and convenient, on-the-go snack is. One bite and you’ll be blown away with its burst of heat and spice. You sell each stick for $2 and your cost is only $120 meaning you earn a terrific 40% profit. There are 120 sticks in each case. Each case comes with 6 convenient carry bags containing 20 sticks each. There’s a 1 case minimum and shipping is FREE.

How Does Jacks Link Beef Jerky Fundraising Work?

  • Figure out how much beef jerky you think you can sell and which package you want to buy.
  • You can either call us at 877-448-9746 with your order or buy your Beef Jerky online.
  • We will ship your Beef Jerky and you distribute it to your participants to sell.
  • Your sellers will take the Beef Jerky carriers and sell the Jacks Link Beef Jerky to customers.
  • Every dollar you receive from sales is yours to keep.
  • If you sell through your beef jerky quickly you can always order more and still earn 40% profit.

How Much Profit Can I Make From Jacks Link Beef Jerky Fundraising?

Both options of beef jerky fundraisers have a guaranteed 40% profit. Shipping is always free on Jacks Link orders.

What Are My Costs With Beef Jerky Fundraising?

Your cost will depend on which product you purchase and the number of cases you buy. There is no minimum and shipping is always free. To determine your costs simply multiply the cost per case by the number of cases you want to order.

How Do I Place My Beef jerky fundraiser Order?

Once you have determined which type of Jacks Link fundraiser you want to do and the number of cases you want to buy, ordering your beef jerky is very easy. You can either call in your order to one of our fundraising consultants at 877-448-9746; you can fax the order to 682-518-1616, or you can order your beef jerky from our online store(no follow link to shopping cart).

When Will I Get My Jacks Link Beef Jerky Fundraising Items?

Our Jacks Link Beef Jerky is shipped with UPS. Most customers will receive their beef jerky within 7-10 days of paying for their order.

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