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Why do the Magazine Discount card fundraiser?

Magazine fundraisers are one of those classic programs that many people are familiar with. But here at Go Green Fundraising, we’ve made this iconic fundraising idea easier and faster with incredibly high profits available to your group.

How Does the Magazine Gift Card Fundraiser Work?

The old fashioned way of doing a magazine fundraiser was pretty complicated and took a long time. It usually looked a bit like this – Someone would order a magazine from someone in your group. The order would be tallied and submitted at the end of the fundraiser, up to a month later. The order would then be submitted to a fundraising company who would send a voucher back to the group for the magazine order. That voucher would then need to be given to the appropriate seller to give to the customer so that they could officially place their magazine order. The magazine would then start arriving 6-8 weeks later. And that is just CRAZY.

This program is so much easier than that!

You buy Magazine Fundraising Cards and then sell them directly to customers. These cards work like a gift card and can be redeemed on our special magazine subscription website. And that is all there is to it. You save as much as 2 months of time that your customer would have waited for their magazines if the program was done the old way. Pretty cool huh?

How Much Profit Will I Make From the Magazine Card Fundraiser?

Your profit will depend on the number of cards that you buy.
50-99 cards – $5.00 per card – 50% Profit
100-249 cards – $4.00 per card – 60% Profit
250-499 cards – $3.50 per card – 65% Profit
500-999 cards – $3.00 per card – 70% Profit
1000+ cards – $2.00 per card – 80% Profit

How Do I Order Magazine Discount Fundraiser Cards?

If you have questions about this program or would like to speak with a fund raising expert, call us at 877-448-9746 and one of our consultants will answer your questions and can take your order over the phone. You can also choose to buy your cards in our secured online store by clicking the red “Buy Online” button at the top of the page.

When Will I Receive My Magazine Card Fundraiser Cards?

We ship discount cards via UPS. Orders typically arrive within 7 business days of your paid order. Standard shipping is free and expedited shipping is available for an extra charge.

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