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Money Savings Card Fundraiser

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Cards Bought Cost Per Card Profit %
1000 $1.00 90%
500 $1.50 85%
250 $2.00 80%
100 $3.00 70%
25 min $5.00 50%
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What is a Money Savings Card Fundraiser?

The Money Savings Card is the best new fundraising program available anywhere. We have partnered with hundreds of online retailers like Wal*Mart and Best Buy to offer you and the people who buy your Money Savings Cards discounts of up to 75% off!

What does the Money Savings Card Do?

When someone buys a Money Savings Card from your group, they will take their card and redeem the special code on the back to get access to the members section of the Money Savings Card website. Once on the website, they will access to thousands of special and exclusive deals.  And to sweeten the deal even more, the good people at Money Savings Card will put $10 into the cardholders account as soon as they activate their card.

What makes Money Savings Card Fundraisers Green?

All of the cards that we sell are printed on 100% recycled plastic. This fundraiser is a great way to show your customers just how great the end product of a recycling program can be!

Additionally, because the cards do not weigh very much, shipping them has a minimal impact on the environment.

How Much Profit Can I Make From Money Savings Card Fundraising?

Money Savings Cards are very profitable. We suggest that you sell each card for $10.00. Your profit will depend on the number of cards you sell.

For 25-99 cards your cost is $5.00 per card
For 100-249 cards your cost is $3.00 per card
For 250-499 cards your cost is $2.00 per card
For 500-999 cards your cost is $1.50 per card
For 1000+ cards your cost is $1.00 per card

That means your group will earn a minimum of 50% profit and can earn as much as 90% profit for every card sold. Talk about a high profit fundraiser!

How Do Order my Fundraising Cards?

  • Decide how many Money Savings Cards you think your group can sell.
  • Purchase the Money Savings Cards by calling us toll free (877) 448-9746 or using our online store.
  • We will then ship your Money Savings Cards for you to hand out to group members.
  • Your sellers carry the Money Savings Cards with them and give them to customers at the time of the sale.
  • All of the money you collect is yours to keep.
  • If you sell out of Money Savings Cards, you can always reorder more to continue your fundraiser.

We have two great ways to order Money Savings Cards. You can either call one of our Green Fundraising consultants at 877-448-9746 and place your order over the phone or you can visit our online store and buy your cards online.

When Will I Get My Order?

We strive to ship orders by the end of the next business day. We use UPS to ship your order and travel time is rarely more than 1 week.

Do I Pay for Shipping for my Money Savings Cards?

No. Shipping is always free for any Money Savings Card order.

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