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There were some major issues we wanted to tackle when we started Go Green Fundraising. There was very really need for fundraising ideas that were healthy, educational, or good for the planet. There was also an enormous need for a fundraising product that offered real value for customers. It had become increasingly obvious that the people groups were trying to sell to had become tired of buying overpriced, low quality items. They were happy to help you raise money, but it would by a much better experience for everyone if the product was something they wanted to buy that actually offered a real value for them. And thus was born our Restaurant.com gift card fundraiser.

Why Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraising?

The Restaurant.com gift card fundraiser is a terrific way to raise money. If you have never visited restaurant.com before, it is a website that has partnered with more than 10,000 restaurants around the country to help match great diners with great food. You buy gift certificates to participating restaurants and get to have a great meal out.

But our restaurant.com fundraiser sweetens the pot. Your customers will get a $50 gift certificate for only $20! And what’s even better is that your group only pays $10 for the card! Let me say that again – your group earns 50% profit and your customers get a delicious dinner at 60% off! Talk about a great fundraising idea.

How Does a Restaurant Discount Gift Card Fundraiser Work?

The restaurant.com gift certificate fundraiser is what is known as a direct-sell fund raiser. What that means is that you will buy gift cards up front and then have them on hand to sell directly to customers. There is very low 10 card minimum and shipping is always free so just decide how many cards you think you can sell and call us with your order.

What Kind of Profit Will I Make With Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser?

Your group earns a guaranteed 50% profit on every restaurant.com gift card that you sell.

What Will a Discount Restaurant Cards Fund raiser Cost?

You sell the cards to your customers for $20 and your group pays just $10 for each card. There is no shipping cost, no matter how many cards you order.

There is a minimum order of just 10 total cards.

How Do I Place My Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser Order?

You can either order your restaurant.com gift cards in our online store by clicking here or simply call us at 877-448-9746 and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.

When Will I Receive the Gift Certificate Fundraising Cards?

Orders for our Gift Certificate fund raiser ship after we have confirmed your order and received payment. We ship all orders UPS and they typically arrive within 5 business days.

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