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Scouts Fundraisers

The scouts, both boys and girls, are founded on the principals of treating your neighbor as yourself and on being good stewards and explorers of the earth. Traditionally, these organizations have relied on the same fundraisers that all other groups use. They tend to sell candy and cookie dough and have car washes and the girl scouts are world famous for their delicious cookies.

Now, however, there is an option that seems like it was put together specifically for the benefit of the scouts. The concept of eco friendly Scouts Fundraisers is really great and a fantastic fit for boy scouts and girl scouts.

Green scouts fundraisers are those programs where the group sells products that are good for the earth, good for the person, and good for the groups’ bank account. Products range from live plants to organic foods to all natural body care products.

One of the best scout fundraising ideas that are a great choice for girl scouts is flower fundraisers. A flower fundraiser is really easy and offers a guaranteed 50% profit return to your group. Girl Scouts sell flower seeds and bulbs from the full color catalogues that we provide free of charge. Bulbs get delivered after the fundraiser is over. Our Girl Scouts flower bulb fund raiser is offered in the spring and in the fall with seasonally appropriate bulbs.

For the Boy Scouts we recommend the Dodo Bag reusable shopping bag program. It has a very low minimum order level and the high quality canvas bags are a great choice for anyone looking to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create every year. And when you consider that the fund raiser is free to start and offers a whopping 40% profit, you can see why so many Boy Scouts choose to raise money selling Dodo bags.

The Top Green Fundraisers
Flower bulb Fundraisers
  • Watch Your Money Grow
  • Sell Something People Want
  • No Risk to Try
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Smencils Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $1 Each
  • Green Fundraisier!
  • Great For Students
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Smens Fundraisers
  • Easy Sell At Only $2 Each
  • Perfect Fundraiser For Students
  • Double Your Money With Smens
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Earth Candles Fundraisers
  • Best Candle Fundraiser
  • FREE Brochures & Order Forms
  • No Minimum
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Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Save up to 60%
  • We Price Match
  • 10,000+ Restaurants Nationwide
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Photo Discount Card Fundraisers
  • Up to 90% Profit
  • A $54.95 Value
  • Good at all Sears Portrait Studios
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