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Smencils Recycled Pencils Fundraiser

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1 min $275.00 45%
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Why Smencils Fundraising?

Everyone is looking for a fundraising program that is new, fun, good for the environment and, most importantly, profitable. With that, we introduce to you Smencils. Smencils are a great pencil fundraiser. The Smencils are standard #2 pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper and scented with 10 delicious smells.  Each Smencil comes packaged in a completely biodegradable freshness tube to ensure that they keep their trademark Smencil scents.

The Original Smencils come in cases of 500 pencils and costs only $275. Each case of Smencils contains 10 seperate tubs and each tub holds 50 Smencils. Each of the 10 tubs has the following scents in it:

* 5 Bubble Gum
* 5 Jelly Donut
* 5 Cotton Candy
* 5 Lemon Lime Fizz
* 5 Rootbeer
* 5 Strawberry Cupcake
* 5 Watermelon
* 5 Grape Soda
* 5 Gum-E Bear
* 5 Orange Lolli-Pop

Are There Different Varieties of Smencils?

Yes!  We currently offer the Smencils pencil fundraising program in four varieties.

Original Smencils – Original Smencils are standard #2 pencils made from recycled newspapers that are infused with 10 fun scents.

Colored Smencils – Similar to Original Smencils, the Colored Smencils come with colored graphite that matches the scent.  For example, a purple Smencil is grape flavor.

Smencils Mini Kits – These are a fun do-it-yourself project.  You get a package with 2 Original Smencils and a scent applicator to make your Smencils as smelly as you want.

Peppermint Smencils – The smell of peppermint has been shown to increase test scores so these Peppermint infused pencils are a great school fundraiser.  Comes with a standard #2 pencil lead.

We suggest that you sell each Smencil for $1. The whole case of 500 pencils costs $275 which means that once your group has sold all of the pencils, you will make $225! Groups love this product because it is a guaranteed 45% profit fundraiser. And, because EVERYONE needs pencils, it is a very easy sell. This is a terrific Earth friendly fundraising idea!

There are never any shipping costs associated with our Smencil Fundraiser which makes it a great option for smaller groups. Some groups even buy Smencils one tub at time and stock them in a school store, ordering more only once they have sold all they have on hand.

How Does Smencil Fundraising Work?

  • Decide how many Smencils you think you can sell.
  • Buy your Smencils by calling us toll free (877) 448-9746.
  • We ship your Smencils and you distribute them to your participants.
  • Your sellers carry the Smencils with them and give them to customers at the time of the sale.
  • All of the money you collect is yours to keep. Once you have sold all of your Smencils, you have doubled your money.
  • Some groups sell through their Smencils very quickly. If that happens, you can always order more and keep the fundraiser going.

How Much Profit Can I Make From Smencils Fundraising?

Our Smencils pencil fundraisers offer 45% profitability no matter how many tubs you end up selling. That means that you double your money every time you sell one of these recycled pencils.

What Are My Costs With Smencils Fundraising?

Smencils come in cases that contain 10 buckets with 50 Smencils in each bucket for a total of 500 Smencils per case. Each case sells for $275. You sell the Smencils for $1 each so you will make $240 for each complete case you sell.

How Do I Place My Smencils Fundraiser Order?

Talk to your group and decide how many Smencils you think you can sell and what kind of Smencils you want to sell. Once you have a good idea of how many cases you will need, call us toll free at (877) 448-9746.

We have found that groups usually sell at least 1 bucket of 50 pencils per seller and suggest you start with that as a minimum.

If your group runs out, you can always order more the same way.

When Will I Get My Smencils Fundraiser Order?

We try very hard to turn around Smencil orders as quickly as possible, usually by next business day. We ship using Fed-Ex and UPS and we pay for the shipping costs. Delivery usually taking 7 days or less.

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