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1 min $330.00 45%
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Why Smens Fundraising?

One of the very first products that we added at the beginning of Go Green Fundraising was Smencils. They seemed to be the perfect eco friendly fundraising product, especially for schools. Scented pencils made from recycled newspapers and 45% profit was a combination that just couldn’t be beat. And from the very beginning, Smencils have been one of our most popular and successful fundraisers.

And now we are very excited to announce the addition of Smens! Smencils are scented pencils made of recycled newspapers and Smens are scented pens made from the same recycled newspapers. So instead of the thousands and thousands of pieces of plastic that make up pens getting used and disposed of every year, your group can raise money and offer an incredibly eco friendly alternative.

We ship Smens in cases of 300. Each case you order actually contains 10 buckets of Smens with 30 units per bucket.

Are There Different Varieties of Smens?

Right now, Smens only come with black ink.

Each Smen has a suggested retail price of $2 and your cost is $1.10 per Smen. That means that the case will cost $330 and you will bring in $600 for a total of $270 in profit that your group can use for whatever you want! There just aren’t many easier ways to double your money.

Our minimum order level is simple – just one case. And if you meet that minimum, we will pay for the standard shipping fee. We also offer expedited shipping at a charge for those last minute, rush Smens orders.

The great thing about no minimum and free shipping is that you can order a single case of Smens at a time and just reorder them as you sell out.

How Does Smens Fundraising Work?

  • Order your Smens from us.
  • We will ship your Smens to you.
  • You sell the Smens.
  • Celebrate your success.
  • If you need to raise more money, order more Smens and start the process over.

How Much Profit Can I Make From a Smens Fundraiser?

Sell the Smens for the suggested retail price of $2 and earn a fabulous 45% profit on your Smens fundraiser. In other words, you will earn $270 profit for every case you sell through.

What Are My Costs With a Smens Fundraiser?

Each case of Smens costs $330.

How Do I Place My Smens Fundraising Order?

Ordering Smens from Go Green Fundraising couldn’t be easier. In fact, we offer a bunch of different ways to order Smens to make it as easy as possible. The fastest way is to order them in our secure online store by clicking the big red “buy now” button at the top of the page. But you can also order Smens by calling us at 877-448-9746, emailing us at sales@go-green-fundraising.com, or faxing your order to 682-518-1616.

When Will I Get My Smens?

We ship Smens from our warehouse in California that is staffed with an excellent crew. Orders usually ship within 2 days and because we use UPS, delivery is nearly always completed within a week. We suggest planning on having your sale around 2 weeks after your order is paid for to allow for any hiccups in delivery.

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