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Soy Fundraiser Candles

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  • All Recycled Materials
  • Made from Natural Soy Wax
  • Lead Free Wicks
  • Made in the USA
  • 50% Profit & Free Shipping!
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Profit and Costs:

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

Introducing Soy Fundraiser Candles

We are so excited to introduce to you a terrific environmentally friendly fundraising program called Earth Candles. Our line of soy based candles is one of the most popular earth friendly fundraisers available anywhere because of the high profit level – your group will earn a flat 50% profit – and because the program is so good for the planet. All of the sales materials and materials used to make the candles are either organic or made of recycled goods.  Even the inks are soy based.

Why Earth candle Soy Fundraiser Candles?

Are you looking for a fundraiser that is good for the planet but you’re just not sure about selling trees or organic foods? We understand that sometimes, for some groups, a more traditional fundraising program is more appropriate. But if you are going to do a traditional fundraiser, why not make it as green as you possibly can?

All of the paper, packaging, labels and brochures used in this fundraiser are made from recycled materials. The wicks are lead free and the soy based wax burns longer than typical candle wax. In addition to those great benefits, every candle is hand poured in the United States.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you that this is the right fundraiser for you, how about the fact that your group will earn 50% profit on every candle you sell, not matter how many you end up selling?

How Does a Soy Candle fundraiser Work?

This is a simple brochure based fundraiser. The steps to the fundraiser are:

  • -Decide when you want to do the fundraiser and determine how many people will be selling candles with you.
  • -Then you can either click here to get started or call one of our fundraising consultants at 877-448-9746.
  • -We will send you brochures, order forms, cash collection envelopes, and a fundraising coordinator packet absolutely free of charge.
  • -You and your group members go out and sell the candles.
  • -Collect your fundraiser candle orders from the group members and tally the order using the tally sheets and master order form that we provide.
  • -We can take your order over the phone, through an email, or with a fax sent to 682-518-1616.
  • -We will confirm your order and send you an invoice only the cost of what you have already sold.
  • -We ship your candles as soon as we receive payment for your order. You can expect to receive your shipment within two weeks of submitting payment.

How Much Profit Will I Make From a Earth Candle Fundraiser?

We offer your group a flat 50% profit on everything you sell. That means that exactly half of the money you bring in is yours to keep. The only additional cost you may encounter is a shipping fee that is added to all orders that do not meet our minimum order of 150 candles.

How Much Will This Soy Candle Fundraiser Cost Me?

This fundraiser is absolutely free to start. There is no risk and no obligation.  You pay only for the items you have already sold once your fundraiser is completed.

Why Are There Different Prices for the Fundraiser Candles?

We offer two different sizes of candle. The 12 oz. candles sell for $12 and the 14 oz. candles sell for $15.

What are the Scents of the Earth Fundraising Candles?

The 12 oz candles come in the following scents:

  • -Hot Apple Pie
  • -Butter Cookies
  • -Cinnamon Apple
  • -Juicy Peach
  • -Gardenia
  • -Holiday Spices
  • -Mulberry
  • -Rain Forest
  • -Sugar Coated Chestnuts
  • -Pomegranate
  • -Pumpkin Spice Pie
  • -Vanilla Bean

The 14 oz candles come in the following scents:

  • -Heaven
  • -Honey Pear
  • -Lavender Mist
  • -Orange Spice Tea
  • -Vanilla Raspberry
  • -White Cotton

How Do I Order My Soy Based Earth Candles?

We accept orders in one of three convenient ways. You can either call us with your order at 877-448-9746, email your order to sales@go-green-fundraising.com, or fax your completed master order from to 682-518-1616.

When Will I Receive My Earth Candle Fundraiser Order?

Orders are shipped once we receive payment for your order. You can expect to receive your shipment within 2 weeks of paying for your order.

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