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Tree and Seed Kit Fundraisers

  Go Green Fundraising Brochure   Are you looking for an earth friendly fundraising idea that does not cost anything to start? Then this is the program for you. Our Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising program is the newest and easiest Go Green Fundrasing Idea. You and members of your group will sell live trees and tree seed kits using FREE BROCHURES and order forms. The tree and seeds are shipped directly from the nursery. The is definitely one of most simple fundraising ideas around.
  • Ultra Green Fundraiser
  • Easy To Sell
  • Free Brochures
  • Free Shipping
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Profit and Costs:

Why Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising?

People are becoming more aware of the environment and looking for more earth friendly options in every aspect of their lifes. With that in mind there is no better Earth friendly fundraising idea than selling live trees and seed kits as fundraising products.

This is one of our most Green Fundraising ideas. Planting a tree is one of the most beneficial and easiest ways for a person to have an impact on the environment. The positive results of planting a tree include reducing air and groundwater pollution, lowering energy bills, and improving property values. No other fundraising product, especially not at this low price level, offers anywhere near that much benefit to your customers.

Our Tree Fundraiser line has 3 options to choose from. There are the Blue Spruce and the Australian Pine trees both of which come as 1 year old sapplings, at least one foot tall, with a small bed of soil. They are completely ready to be planted and can go in the ground in temperatures from 30-100+ degrees farenheit. The other option is our Austrian Pine Tree Seed Kit. With the kit you receive an Austrian Pine seed perfectly planted in a peat moss capsule. Simply dig a small hole and drop the capsule in the ground and in a matter of months you will have a small tree.

How Does a Tree and Seed Kit Fundraiser Work?

  • Contact us to request free, full color brochures and order forms for each members of your group. We will send one brochure for each person who will be selling tree.
  • Members your group show the tree fundraiser brochure to friends and family and take orders. They collect the money at the time of the sale.
  • At the end of the fundraiser, gather all of the money and tally your order.
  • Email, phone, or fax us your order form.
  • Upon receipt of payment we ship your order to you and your group distributes the product to your customers.
  • You keep the profits and pay only for the cost of the products.
  • Use the money to support your cause!

How Much Profit Can I Make From Tree and Seed Fundraising?

Take a look at the profit chart. The more items you sell the higher your profit percentage per item is. To determine how much profit your earth friendly tree fundraiser can generate simply estimate the number of items you feel like you will sell and look at the profit percentage you would earn. It is not unreasonable to ask each member of your group to sell 10 or more trees each.

What Are My Costs With Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising?

There is no cost to hold a Go Green tree fundraiser. We provide all sales materials you need including brochures and order forms free of charge. Simply tell us you are ready to get started and we will send out your tree fundraising kit.

How Much Do I Sell the Trees For?

There are 3 tree options.  Customers can pick from a 1 year old Blue Spruce or a 1 year old Austrian Pine.  Each of these sells for $12.  They can also choose our tree seed kit which is a seed planted in peat moss with growing instructions that sells for $5.

Are You Looking for a Green Fundraising Idea?

Many groups have grown tired of selling the same old products for fundraisers year after year. Many schools, in fact, will not allow groups to sell candy or fatty foods any longer. Our Go Green Tree and Seed Kit Fundraising Idea is the perfect solution to groups wanting something new and earth friendly. The fundraising program not only offers terrific earth friendly products that are competitively priced, there is also no cost to get your tree fundraiser started.

How Do I Place My Tree Fundraiser Order?

At the end of your sale tally together all order forms and money. Write those totals down on the tally sheet we provided or in an Excel Spreadsheet. Submit your order by either calling us at (877) 448-9746 or email it to sales@go-green-fundraising.com.

We will enter the order into our system and generate an invoice for you to review. Once you agree that the invoice is correct, we bill you for only the costs of the goods you have sold, you keep your profits the whole time. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Checks or Money Orders. We also will accept Purchase Orders from Public Schools. Once we receive your payment, we ship you your trees and seed kits.

When Will I Get My Order?

The fundraising trees and seed kits are shipped directly from the nursery. We try to get your order shipped within 7 days of receiving your order and payment. Trees and seed kits are shipped via Fed Ex or UPS. Transit time runs another 4 or 5 days so you should count of getting your order around 2 weeks after placing and paying for your order.

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