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Top Green Fundraising Ideas and Fundraisers

Go Green Fundraiser

Go Green Fundraiser thumbnail link The Go Green fundraiser is our most popular, most successful, and most green fundraising idea.  It features the best selling products from a number of our other green fundraisers as well as some unique eco friendly products.  It is completely free to start and is a fantastic option if your group is looking to get its feet wet with eco-friendly, organic, and healthy fundraisers.  Some examples of the products you will find include flower bulbs, organic foods, all natural lip balms, and the ever popular Smencils.
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Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Flower Bulb fundraiser thumbnail link Flowers just have a way of brightening any day. We have flower and bulb options of every color shape and size. Offer your supporters one of natures most beautiful display of color for any setting. Our Flower Bulb fundraiser is available in the spring and the fall with seasonally appropriate bulbs that are guaranteed to grow! This is a great way to add life and color to the gardens of your supporters, but also serve as a great gift.
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Dodo Bag Fundraiser

Dodo Bag Fundraiser Thumbnail Link One of the easiest ways to make a difference for the environment is to reduce the amount of waste we create and perhaps the easiest way to do that is to stop using plastic shopping bags. Our Dodo Bags are made in America of high quality canvas and are printed with adorable designs on them. And with each person throwing away more than 100 disposable shopping bags each year, it is obvious why this is such an excellent green fundraising idea.
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Earth Candle Fundraising

Earth Candle Fundraiser thumbnail link Candles are a great eco friendly fundraiser for any size group. Soy based candles are one of the most popular environmentally friendly fundraisers available anywhere because of the high 50% profit level. All of the sales materials as well as the materials used to make the candles are either organic or made of recycled goods.
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Trail Mix Fundraising

Trail Mix fundraising thumbnail link. Trail Mix is a terrific green fundraising program for groups who want to sell food but are looking for options that are healthier than cookie dough or other baked goods. It features healthy trail mixes and snacks as well as some sweet items like licorice sticks. Like all of our brochure fundraisers, the Trail Mix fundraising program is free to start and your group can qualify for free shipping. Profit is a guaranteed 50% which means lots of money going back to your group!
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Coffee & Tea Fundraising

Coffee and Tea fundraising thumbnail link Selling coffee and tea is one of the easiest, healthiest, and highest profit ways to raise money. The very vast majority of people enjoy some kind of caffeine kick with coffee or tea in the morning so your customer base is huge. Our coffees are fresh roasted after your order is placed for the very best flavor possible. This green fundraising idea is free to start and you earn a guaranteed 40% profit.
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Smencils Fundraiser

Our colored and regular scented pencils are made from recycled newspapers and are infused with all kinds of fun scents like orange, bubble gum, and root beer. Kids and adults all love them and they are one of the easiest and fastest fundraising ideas available anywhere! This is a perfect option for school fundraising with a fun environmentally friendly twist. This is a perfect green fundraising idea for students to use during the school year, but also double as fun project ideas for the summer.
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Smens Fundraising

Smens fundraising thumbnail link. Smencils have always been one of our best green fundraising ideas and that is why we are so excited to now also offer Smens! Smens, just like Smencils, use scented recycled newspapers and these things sell like hotcakes. They are fun and eco friendly and at only $2 a piece, a really easy fundraising product to sell. Your group earns 50% profit and standard shipping is always free.
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Jack Links Fundraiser

Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraising thumbnail Looking for something different? Try our Jack Links beef jerky fundraiser. There are 2 options: The X Sticks Straight pack and the Variety Pack. Both options of our beef jerky fundraising program have a guaranteed 40% profit. For the Variety Fundraising Kit you will earn $80 in profit and for the The X-Stick Cases you will earn $144. Shipping is always free on Jacks Link orders.
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Restaurant Card Fundraiser

Restaurant Card fundraiser thumbnail We are incredibly excited about our Restaurant.com discount card fundraising program because it offers, perhaps, the best value of any fundraising program from any company, anywhere! Sound like a bold claim? Well, your customers can get a $50 gift card that is valid at more than 15,000 restaurants all over the country for only $20. And even better, your group earns 50% profit! We also offer a $25 card for $10 with your group earning $5.
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About Go Green Fundraising

Go Green Fundraising is different from other fundraising companies that offer traditional fundraising ideas.  For a very long time, if you wanted to raise money, your only options were unhealthy foods, overpriced holiday items, or novelty products - but not anymore!  Our Green fundraisers feature products and ideas that are earth friendly and healthier than any fundraiser you have done before. Your fundraising group now has the opportunity to not only raise the money it needs, but to impact your community and show your supporters that your group is making a difference by choosing earth friendly fundraiser ideas.

Many of these eco friendly fundraisers are free to start and some of our fundraising ideas offer profit margins as high as 90%. We have low minimums and your group can qualify for free shipping on every single green fundraising program.  But other than the green products, these fundraisers will work just like other fundraisers you may have done before like using brochures to pre-sell items or selling products directly to customers.

We are very excited to offer the green fundraising ideas and products to your group or organization.  If you have any questions about getting a green fundraiser started, call one of our consultants at 877-448-9746.